• Memberikan Tips Buat Penerima - voice echoed from the speaker followed by the information space. Senna to the daughter to get space information center west. Once again, the Senna daughter to immediately go to the information center for the family room waiting. Thank you. "Micnya already working, Mom. Senna will definitely hear it. "Seru Ma'am Kintan joy.


    Senna, who was sitting on the edge of the temple immediately go to a place that has been mentioned at a high speed after hearing the announcement. Once there, he made even more surprised because the family did not look a bit. With still hoped to meet his family there, he asked one of the officers.


    Mas, I Senna daughter who was called into the information center. Where my family, ya mas? "If I'm not mistaken, the sister was called into the West information center, huh? Here is the information center space East. "Clearly the official.


    Senna say thank you and go right back ran to the opposite penetrate the temple. The vertigo disappeared already after space visible information center. Also saw his family sitting waiting for him. Senna went straight to them and hugged Mom first, followed by hugging her siblings.

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